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Ember911™ Child Safety Education Program announces Prevent-Educate.org and Phase IV

Until now Ember911™ Program was broken down into three phases.

Phase I: Teaches children how to prevent fire and accidents and how react in an emergency through animation, interaction and music. It's designed to teach all young children the importance of safety in their everyday lives, with a focus on children with autism. The curriculum compliments the NFPA's Risk Watch program.

Phase II: Gives parents and educators the proper tools and training to effectively use the curriculum to help teach children to make positive well informed decisions regarding their personal safety.

Phase III: Teaches firefighters and first responders how to effectively interact with children in an emergency situation, including recognizing and understanding the signs of autism. This information better prepares them to make informed decisions when time is crucial and lives are at stake.

As part of fulfilling our goals of Phase III, we created www.Prevent-educate.org which will include the online portion of the program’s new Autism Awareness and Interaction training for firefighters and other first responders.

An upcoming addition to the Prevent-Educate.org website will be the new Phase IV of our program. Ember911™ will be partnering with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and their Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program. We will be working with their JFSIP curriculum and helping them adapt it to better serve Juvenile Fire Setter Interventionists when working with individuals with some level of autism. Because autism is just coming to the forefront, statistics regarding the correlation between juvenile fire setters and autism are not yet readily available. Through surveys of Fire Safety Educators and Juvenile Fire Setter Interventionists across the country, the unofficial number is somewhere around 1 in 10.