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Cal City to Train Rescue Workers in Autism

Michael Flanagan of the Calumet City Fire Department is one of our Advisory Board Members. He is working with us on our Autism Awareness and Interaction Training for Firefighters and other First Responders. He is also a graduate from our first training class held earlier this year at Kankakee Community College, were we partnered with the Kankakee Valley Chapter of the ASA and the Kankakee Roteract Club. It is the first step to a long journey. We congratulate him on his efforts and this great accomplishment. This came out of our training he attended. The plaque that Michael presented came from Prevent-Educate.org. Michael also commented on he was not sure were the reporter came up with the Autistic Education Society, since he is a member of the Prevent-Educate.org project.

For more information please visit: http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/illinois/article_1703572c-b9dc-5cff-a061-5922d5a4c0ca.html.