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Cal City to Train Rescue Workers in Autism

by Webmaster, posted: 29-Aug-10 16:11

Michael Flanagan of the Calumet City Fire Department is one of our Advisory Board Members. He is working with us on our Autism Awareness and Interaction Training for Firefighters and other First Responders. more...

Ember911™ Child Safety Education Program announces Prevent-Educate.org and Phase IV

by Webmaster, posted: 17-Aug-10 08:28

An upcoming addition to the Prevent-Educate.org website will be the new Phase IV of our program. Ember911â„¢ will be partnering with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and their Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program. We will be working with their JFSIP curriculum and helping them adapt it to better serve Juvenile Fire Setter Interventionists when working with individuals with some level of autism. more...

Fire and EMS Autism Training Bill, We need your support.

by John M. Sokol, Ph.D., posted: 04-Jun-10 08:38

Illinois Senate Bill 676 provides that fire and EMS personnel must undergo training to identify and interact with persons with autism. Passage of this bill can affect about 14,000 people in Illinois that have some level of autism and their families. We really need to start a grass roots effort to support this bill. When you Google it, there is really not much information on it at all. Do you have a facebook page or an e-mail mailing list that we can get this letter out to? This is important legislation that could easily die as most new legislation does when it does not pertain to the masses. We know there is a need for this training. I know everyone is busy, but please help me on this one while it is still a possibility. We may never get this chance again! more...

Ember 911™ Receives $65,579 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant from FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security

by John M. Sokol, Ph.D., posted: 07-Apr-10 08:47

The Ember911™ Child Safety Education Program in partnership with its sponsor, the Rotary Club of Kankakee, received a $65,579 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant. Rotary is an organization of service clubs around the world providing humanitarian service and helping to build goodwill and peace. The grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is for a Mobile Classroom (PREP House—Plan-Respond-Educate-Prepare) to enhance the Ember911™ Animated Child Safety Program to provide better fire, accident prevention and life saving education to our community and surrounding areas. more...

Free Training Seminar - A Must for all First Responders!

by John M. Sokol, Ph.D., posted: 29-Mar-10 18:27

On Saturday, April 17th, the Kankakee Valley Chapter of the Autism Society of America (Kankakee, IL) will present a free in-depth program on understanding autism and teaching first responders how to interact with individuals with autism when in an emergency situation. Every first responder knows that time is crucial in any emergency situation. A child or adult with autism during a fire or other situation may react unpredictably. They may hide, scream, be uncooperative or become unresponsive and shut down all together. This could make an already dangerous situation worse more...

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